About us

*Our foundation formed in 2007 as a small business with the sole purpose of manufacturing & supplying premium, luxurious, quality products at very affordable prices to salons in South Africa & Southern Africa. After consulting with salon owners we noticed a gap in the market for authentic products in various segments of their business.
Natural – Organic – Vegan Friendly – Locally Produced – Ethically Sourced – Premium Quality


*Our Retail arm allows sales to those who want to get their hands directly on our range of decadent products.

*Consider our “Beauty Biz in a Box” – Retail / Salon opportunities for small business owners

*Are you a Salon Owner, would you like to stock our products?

Features of Our Products


Marula oil is a popular ingredient for our skincare products because it naturally softens, nourishes and revitalises the skin. It is easily absorbed and contains high proportions of oleic acid and linoleic fatty acid, making it ideal for topical application. It is high in natural antioxidants and one of the most stable oils available, being ten times more resistant to oxidation than olive oil.

Marula oil has also been shown to improve skin hydration and skin smoothness, and to reduce redness. In studies it performed better than sweet almond oil for each of these properties.

Product Applications

  • Skin care products to treat dry and chapped skin
  • Anti-ageing face creams
  • Products to hydrate smooth and reduce skin redness
  • Eye creams
  • Lipsticks
  • Hair care products especially for dry, damaged and fragile hair
  • Massage oil

African Ginger

For centuries many tribes have respected the Queen’s powers. Even Shaka Zulu sent his top emissaries to request the Queen’s blessings. This herb has a long history of use in African traditional medicine for a range of conditions especially skin aliments. The root or rhizome is the part used, and comes to market in jointed branches called races or hands. The smell of ginger is aromatic and penetrating.

Ginger has a stimulating effect on the heart and circulation, creating a feeling of warmth and well-being and restoring vitality, especially in winter. Hot ginger tea promotes perspiration & helps with the detoxing of the body.

Therapeutic properties:

Ginger is well researched, and its therapeutic benefits are largely due to its volatile oil and oleoresin content. Ginger is an acrid constituent, responsible for much of the herb’s hot taste and stimulating properties. The shogaols, formed as the plant dries, are more strongly irritant and acrid than the constituents present in the fresh rhizome. Benefits to the skin are lightening age spots, cellulite reduction, and increases skin radiance.  Ginger is an antioxidant which means it inhibits harmful free radicals that cause damage and aging to the skin.  Ginger improves skin tone and promotes smoothness to the touch of the skin.